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Saturday, October 18, 2014

About our song Irreplaceable (feat. Nathan Brumley) from the Edifier EP

This song is about us (all children of God), each being irreplaceable in His eyes. Just as a parent may have several children, if they lose one child, that child can never be replaced by another no matter what similarities they may have. Tyde Moore considers 'Irreplaceable' to be the most suitable for radio from the new 'Edifier' EP along with Let Me Be Your Mouth, but all songs from the EP were made with radio airplay in mind. Irreplaceable is also dedicated to David Moore's brother, Kenneth Howe, who is proof that each of us are irreplaceable. Kenny died in 1992 of Leukemia and if you ask any of his family, especially his mother and David's mother, Betty... they will tell you that he can never be replaced in their hearts. If we can love someone so much, how much more can God love each of us? David wrote on Twitter, "Kenny didn't have the last name Moore, because he had a different dad, but he and my bro Vee I will always consider to be my full (not half) brothers." David Andrew Moore also has a sister, Tina Howe, but she has both the same mother and father as David.

My mom always says that I look the most like Kenny and I remind her of him. We have a lot in common... but I can NEVER replace him no matter how much in common we had. And if I died, my mother would feel the same way about me, I could not be replaced. Using this example of a parent's love, we can see that God sees each of us as irreplaceable. So, whenever God loses a child to the devil and his lies, God is in pain that we can never imagine and there is nothing He wouldn't do to get us back. We see this example when God sent His own Son Jesus to suffer and die in our stead. This is the key message of our song 'Irreplaceable.' We hope you enjoy the song!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Discover New Christian Artists

We just added a banner to the top of our website, this banner will display similar Christian artists that you might like if you like our music. So, check some of these new and upcoming artists out, respond here and tell us which ones you like! Thank you.

P.S. If you find some artists through that who aren't Christian, please keep in mind that we have no control over it. But they should only be showing Christian artists.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tracks You Can Add to Your Christian Radio Stations Free Downloads: Shine on Boston (feat. Nathan Brumley) and More songs to Come!

You can now add Shine on Boston (feat. Nathan Brumley) by Tyde Moore from our upcoming Edifier EP to your Christian or Pop Rock radio stations. Just click here and login to your Airplay Direct account to download.

If you are a Christian artist, you can reply to this post with a link to your Airplay Direct page where stations can get your music... If we like your songs we will add your link to this page. Otherwise, your link will remain only in the comments below. It may take us some time to add you. Thank you!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 #TheWalkingDead by @TydeMoore featuring @nbrum7770 #Deadify #CCM

Hope you enjoy the premiere of our song from our upcoming EP 'Edifier.' Be sure to share this and help us reach the view goals. Thank you! Please retweet this or share on Facebook.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Info on Tyde Moore's New Christian Rock EP: 'Edifier' & Track-listing

Hey guys, the release date for our first EP is October 28, 2014! Also, I have the title of our upcoming EP and the track listings. All songs on this EP will feature our friend and co-writer of the EP, Nathan Brumley. The title of the EP is "Edifier". The track listings are below, the order might change before the actual release:

1. The Walking Dead (feat. Nathan Brumley)
2. Enoch (feat. Nathan Brumley)
3. Shine on Boston (feat. Nathan Brumley)
4. Let Me Be Your Mouth (feat. Nathan Brumley)
5. Irreplaceable (feat. Nathan Brumley)

We will have an early premiere of The Walking Dead coming soon.

For media: If you wish to review our EP before its release date, you may e-mail me and request a digital copy at: GLK.David(AT) with subject "I Want to Review Edifier." In your e-mail please include the website or blog where your review will be posted. It may take awhile for me to get back to you, but I will try and reply before our release date. But I can only guarantee a reply if you use the proper subject line. If you do not receive a reply, feel free to respond to this blog.

For our fans: Thank you for your support of our music thus far. You will not be disappointed with our new EP, in my opinion this is the best music we have ever had the privilege to release. We would like to thank Nathan Brumley for making this project so special and for giving us the opportunity to work with him, which helped us become better songwriters. I will discuss some of the songs from the EP soon too and explain what each one is about. I hope you all will be blessed by the Edifier EP, coming October 28th! We will also be releasing an instrumental only version of the EP which will be titled "Without Words". That will come out at a later date TBA.

Discuss this release on Twitter and Facebook with hashtag #Edifier

More information coming soon, follow us on Twitter @TydeMoore or TydeMooreMusic on Facebook.

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