Thursday, March 14, 2013

Katelyn McCarter Receives Dedicated News Page on Examiner: David Moore is Her Exclusive PR

Earlier this week David (of Tyde Moore,) agreed to become the exclusive PR for new Christian music artist, Katelyn McCarter. The offer was made by Arthur Payne of Dreamin' Out Loud Entertainment after reading an interview David did with Katelyn.

What does this mean for Katelyn McCarter fans? Simply put, all news relating to Katelyn McCarter will be reported first by David Moore. 24-48 hours after being reported by David, Ms.McCarter's team will release the news to all other news outlets.

David's first act as "Exclusive PR" for Katelyn was securing her, her own dedicated news page on Examiner. You can find that page by clicking here, all new news relating to the artist will appear there first.

If you would like to receive Katelyn McCarter news by e-mail, you can register here.

David had this to say,"I'm honored to be a part of Ms.McCarter's team!This artist is going places, and I look forward to reporting the news along the way. Katelyn is also a very kind woman and I can tell you this: If I wasn't impressed by both her talent and attitude, I wouldn't of accepted the position.She also has the backing of some great people, especially Arthur Payne, a great guy from what I gather."

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